Be Atmanirbhar Offer Details

Oye Desi’s now spend 1 hour daily and earn handsome returns. Be Your Own Boss with OyeDesi’s Be Atmanirbhar Movement.

How to Participate?

-          Download OyeDesi from Play Store / App Store

-          Open OyeDesi >> Profile >> Be Atmanirbhar

-          Start Sharing

Why Participate in Be Atmanirbhar?

-          We have a conscious philosophy to give to our Anna Shrusti Daata (farmer).

-          Giving your friends a healthy lifestyle.

-          To earn money for yourself.

-          These earnings will be blessing earnings, we learned, earned and returned.

-          Hey…..put your hand on your heart and say, I’ll participate in this movement and earn blessing money.

What you have to do?

-          Ask your friends to install OyeDesi with your invite link Or register in OyeDesi with your Refer Code.

-          You have to invite minimum 25 friends to qualify for Atmanirbhar Udhyami.

-          Become Atmanirbhar Udhyami and start earning cash in your wallet.

-          You can invite as many friends as you want to increase your chances.

-          Ask your friends to purchase their daily grocery needs from OyeDesi.

When and what you will earn?

-          You have to become Atmanirbhar Udhyami to start earning.

-          All your earnings will be transferred in your OyeDesi Wallet.

-          1st Degree referrals – 5% of total sales revenue.

-          2nd Degree referrals – 2% of total sales revenue.

-          3rd Degree referrals – 1% of total sales revenue.

Income Chart


No of Referrals

Referral Buying/Month

Total Sales

Total Earning


















How to Redeem?

-          All your cash earnings will be transferred in your OyeDesi Wallet.

-          PAYOUT button will be activated on 25th date of every month.

-          On clicking PAYOUT button, your earnings will be transferred in your Wallet.

It’s Easy

-          No Investment

-          No Stock

-          No Office Space

-          No Fixed Timings

-          No Technical Knowledge need.

-          Work From Home

Be Your Own Boss

-          Work as per your time

-          Work as per your terms

-          Unlock your true potential

-          Unleash your Leadership Skills and your Networking capabilities.

Other Terms and Conditions

-          - Earnings will only be applicable on Sales Revenue of your referrals

-          - Company reserves to alter the offer terms and condition at any given point of time

-          - Company can discontinue the offer at any point of time

-         - OyeDesi Pvt Ltd reserves the right to modify or withdraw the offer without giving any prior notice

-          - For all-purpose, jurisdiction applicable will be Bangalore, Karnataka.

-          - If you wish to get in touch with us, mail us at

-         -  Do rate us on Google Play store or Apple app store

-         - Do follow us on OyeDesi Facebook Page

-         - OyeDesi Pvt Ltd app terms and services applied

-         - Do not use scripts to create fake/dummy accounts or police case can be filed against you.

-         - Work as per the Information Technology Act 2000 of Govt. of India 

-         - Do not spam

-         - Please ensure your profile is complete. If your profile is marked as junk, you will be debarred from participating

o   First Name

o   Last Name

o   Verified Email Address

o   Address